What I'm running

Finally, your questions are answered

All my servers are currently (and always will be) running Linux. My choice is mainly Ubuntu LTS how ever there are 2 Debian VM's running.

I have got my backups of VM's done over XOA which copies the full image of the VM to an external hard drive.

For File based backups, I have got a Min.io instance kindly provided by Compute market (who are not sponsoring me) where all the files for servers are backed up

Server: Dell R710

Use: Hypervisor

OS: XCP-NG (centos basically)


    1. Firefly-iii
    2. Grafana
    3. phpipam
    4. invoiceninja
    5. JellyFin
    6. Librenms
    7. Nextcloud
    8. Database server
    9. Unifi
    10. Xen Orchestra
    11. Zabbix
    12. Media wiki
    13. postfix and dovecot with dkim
    14. Leantime Project managment
    15. https://cachethq.io/
    16. Bind dns
    17. Nginx Reverse proxy
    18. Leantime

I have a few sites that are publically accessible:

All the names link to their respective project. They are all FOSS and run natively on linux!

Second server (Bottom one)

Server: R710

OS: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Use: In house Min.io server

Screenshot of XOA

Xcp-ng host

Stats from the host server

Firefly login screen

Jellyfin Home screen

Grafana dashboard

Unifi dashboard

Nextcloud - Login page

Database server - Phpmyadmin

Min.io instance

Status page

This is the status page, the looking glass in to my network to see how everything is performing and what I'm currently breaking


This is the server I use to manage my projects and a built in kanboard.

Digital ocean

This is where most of my internet facing servers live. I currently have my email server and my reverse proxy server