Cool stuff

A list of software I find cool and highly suggest you use!

Minio is a self hosted s3 compatible object storage with a web interface and a client called mc which makes admin work a breeze. Some times it can be a real pain to get started with if you've never used s3 storage before.

Xcp-ng and Xen orchestra

I'm not sure if this would come under software but this is what runs my servers. XCP-NG is the hypervisor and xen orchestra is the orchestration service I use. It's got an API called 'xo-cli' and is terraform compatible. You only need one xoa server to manage a whole data centre worth of servers (physical hosts)

Well, not really software but they are who I host all my external services with.


An Emby fork designed to be user friendly and not steal your data. Which is important to me as I dont like being sold as a product. It can run on docker or bare metal. I have mine somewhere in London as a docker with an s3 as a backend.